Thursday, June 26, 2008

Newspaper features Germans from Russia

The 2008 International Convention of Germans from Russia gathering in Casper next month got a nice boost from a feature story in the June 15th edition of the Casper Star-Tribune.

Written by staff writer Hannah Wiest, the piece was a excellent overview of a few Wyoming residents whose roots are German-Russian. It included some wonderful photographs and captured a flavor of ancestral pride found in the Hein, Zitterkopf, Befus and Bolger families.

Photos and text filled the front page of the Star-Tribune "Range" section and flowed onto page two, where there was also information about our upcoming international convention. While we're unable to provide photo images, you can read the story, Faces of their fathers.

Wiest says she's planning another feature story about the Germans from Russia convention in July.

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