Monday, July 14, 2008

Kutschurgan Roundup

Two veteran researchers will present Kutschurgan Roundup, information about the Kutschurgan District of Odessa, during the 2008 International Convention of Germans from Russia later this month in Casper, Wyoming.

Margaret Schwahn Rehwalt of Nine Mile Falls, Washington, and Dennis Roth of Newscastle, Washington, will provide the update at 4:45 p.m., Thursday, July 31st, in the American Room of the Parkway Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Casper – headquarters for the annual meeting. Rehwalt and Roth will team up again Friday afternoon at 2:00 in the American Room for a session entitled Searching for Your German Russian Family and Relatives Using EWZ Films.

The session is one of more than 40 workshops to be presented during the week-long convention that begins Monday, July 28th. Nearly 1,000 persons are expected to attend the gathering.

Margaret Schwahn Rehwalt was born and raised in Oregon City, Oregon. Her paternal grandmother was from the Beresan village of Sulz; her grandfather was from the Kutschurgan village of Strassburg. The families came to America in the early 1900s and settled in North Dakota until 1936, when her grandparents moved to Oregon. Margaret has been married more than 43 years to her husband, Dennis, and they recently moved to Spokane, Washington. She is a life member of GRHS and serves on its Board of Directors. She is also Village Coordinator for the Kutschurgan village of Strassburg and is the Kutschurgan Webmaster. Margaret is actively involved with the GRHS chapter in Spokane, where she serves on the Board of Directors and edits the chapter newsletter.

Dennis Roth is a direct descendant of Germans from Russia who emigrated from Kutschurgan to Canada early in the 20th Century. Dennis was born in Portland, but grew up in a military family in Seattle, Honolulu and Long Beach, later earning B.A. degrees in German and Mathematics at Portland State University. After a four-year stint as a Coast Guard officer, he enrolled at the University of Washington and earned an MBA and went to work for Northwest Bell Telephone. Dennis has been researching his German-Russian and Scottish heritages for many years. He is a Village Coordinator for Kandel and Selz, and he also serves as List Serve Administrator and co-webmaster of the KRIG website. He has been on the Board of the Puget Sound Chapter of GRHS and served as Treasurer for over 14 years. He retired from Qwest Communications two years ago.

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