Monday, July 14, 2008

All about SOAR

Saving Our Ancestral Records (SOAR) uses internet technology to provide broad dissemination of many AHSGR genealogical records, including obituaries, census and cemetery records, family group cards, maps, newspapers, photos, reference books and more.

It’s one of the many outstanding workshops offered during the International Convention of Germans from Russia in Casper, Wyoming from July 28th to August 3rd.

SOAR – What Is It and What Data is Available On-Line? This workshop is at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, July 31st in the American Room of the Parkway Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Casper, headquarters for the 2008 Germans from Russia meeting.

The session will present an overview of the history and mission of the SOAR project. It will include a real time demonstration of how a search is performed, how files are “viewed” and how they may be downloaded to a researcher’s computer. The types of databases available and what each contains will be explained. The intent is the presentation is informative and instructional so questions from the audience about SOAR and its use are encouraged.

The demonstration will conclude by accepting requests from the audience for a search of one or more databases as time and interest allows. Leading the session will be Dennis Zitterkopf of Wichita, Kansas and Ken Leffler of Sonora, California.

Ken Leffler is one of the early visionaries regarding SOAR and has spent countless hours in helping develop the project and transferring data. He is a long-time researcher and is well-known among the Germans from Russia community.

Dennis is a charter member of the “Nation’s Capital Area” and the Wichita, Kansas “Golden Wheat” chapters. He has been a member of AHSGR since 1976; is a member of the societies Board of Directors; is a member of the Genealogy, Historical Research and Convention committees; and is chair of the SOAR and Technology committees. Now retired, he worked as an Electrical Engineer and an Engineering Manager in Maryland and in Kansas.

Here's a link to the SOAR website.
In addition to their SOAR presentation, Zitterkopf and Leffler will also team up for a workshop on the Kanton Balzer Protestant Villages. It's scheduled for the Wyoming Room at 3:45 p.m., Friday, August 1st.

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