Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 Storytelling Contest

Even the marvels of high definition television can't compare with the theatre of the mind when great stories are told!
Storytelling remains an important way for us to preserve our heritage, even as aging buildings in the old country deteriorate and "unser Leute" become more assimilated into cultures around the world. Last year at the Hays convention, many of our AHSGR members were mesmerized by the stories shared by the Storytelling Contest winners -- and now it's your turn!
Not only is this a wonderful way to help preserve our heritage, the best storytellers will take home some cash! The First Place winner in the Adult Division will receive $100, Second Place receives $75, and Third Place wins $50. In the Youth Division for those 14 years old and younger, First Place is worth $50, Second Place is $30, and Third Place is $20. Additionally, all winners are awarded an AHSGR Youth Membership.
Here's a link to the AHSGR 2008 Storytelling Contest Entry Form and Rules. Please note that all entry materials are to be sent to:
Ken Koehler
7831 Lewis Court
Arvada, CO 80005
Entries must be received by April 15, 2008!

Coupled with the GRHS Youth Essay Contest, this competition is another splendid way of "Celebrating our Common Heritage" -- the theme of our 2008 joint convention in Casper, where the winners will be announced. It's also an opportunity to reach out and capture the interest and imagination of our young people -- a vital element in the future of both AHSGR and GRHS!

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